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Name:Riley Patrick Campbell
Birthdate:Dec 25
Location:New York City, United States of America

Name: Riley Patrick Campbell (or stage name, RJ Brennan)
Birthday: 25th December
Location: Princeton, New Jersey
Family: Parents, Lachlan and Tara Campbell
Godparents: Riley Browne and Patrick Preston


Riley is the only son of Lachlan and Tara Campbell. He is seventeen years old and in his senior year at high school. Riley was truly a miracle child for his parents and came as a surprise to them when they thought his dad was unable to father children after he was shot and nearly killed by the sister of a patient at the hospital in Princeton, New Jersey, he was working at. Despite Riley being conceived, it was soon learnt that it would be impossible for Lachlan to have any more children. Riley was literally their miracle.

He was born and raised in Princeton, New Jersey, however he considers himself half Scottish and half Irish. His father was born and raised in Scotland, while his mother was born and bred in Ireland, only moving to America after her schooling to study medicine at Columbia University in New York. Lachlan moved to Princeton after accepting a job there, where his childhood best friend, Patrick Preston was already working as an Anesthesiologist. Riley talks with a very mixed accent, which is prominently Scottish with hints of Irish and American. When he sings, however, he almost completely loses his broad Scottish accent.

Because of the hardships suffered by his parents, they raised him very close to their hearts at all times and because of this Riley was never short of a warm and loving environment. His parents, along with his extended family, nurtured him and raised him to be and do anything he wanted. When Riley was just two months old, he was diagnosed with Type I Diabetes, contracted from his mother during gestation. His illness is controlled by a strict diet and insulin regime but because Riley grew up with it and grew up knowing his Mum had it, he really knows no different.

Riley is very much like his father and harbours a deep passion and talent for music. He can play many different instruments, reads and writes music, and sings. His talent was evident from a very early age and as soon as his Mum and Dad recognised this in him, they encouraged him and nurtured the passion. He was doing gigs in Uncle Luke's bars since his early teens and was talent-scouted by a popular record label just after his sixteenth birthday, signing a three record deal that was contracted to start recording when he graduated high school. Since being scouted, Riley has played many gigs in New York and New Jersey, already establishing a name for himself in the music industry. However, his parents deep protectiveness of their only son saw Riley taking the stage name RJ Brennan, which is a combination of his lifelong nickname (RJ, for Riley junior, after being named after his godfather) and his mother's maiden name. Only those who know him personally know his real name and persona, which is dramatically different to that of when he takes the stage.


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Riley is now 19 years old, heading for his 20th birthday on Christmas Day, and in just about to start his second year at Juilliard in New York City, studying Music. He didn't originally have plans to attend college, intending to focus on releasing his albums, recording and doing concerts and gigs, but after some soul-searching, realised he wanted to put his professional music career on hold until he was a little older to attend college to make his parents proud. They would have been proud of him no matter what, but he coudldn't turn down Juilliard after simply applying to it as a laugh. He was a shoo-in and turns out he absolutely loved college and learning the more academic side of Music, even if he was naturally talented. He shares an apartment with some fellow Juilliard student and has just started dating one of his closest friends he met there when he started, Luci Lorenzi, who is an identical twin just like Riley's godfather, Patrick. He couldn't' be happier, and has befriended a bunch of college kids from Ohio with the same love of music and singing as he has, and who he actually came up against in his own Glee Club during his high school years when they made Nationals.

DISCLAIMER: This is an roleplay journal for character Riley Patrick Campbell (mostlyscottish), who is an original character with no fandom affiliation. All rights and written entries by mostlyscottish are original work and owned by his creator. No profit is being made from the activities in this journal. Journal and character are for roleplay and enjoyment purposes only. Riley is portrayed by actor Mike Vogel and is in no way affiliated to Mike Vogel.
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